You better not cry

Guess who came to town today . . . and it's not Santa Claus. Here's a mighty big hint:

That's right, Augusten Burroughs! He's only my very favorite author on the planet. If you haven't read him before, be sure to check him out. His books are somewhat disturbing in that most of his writings are memoirs, and he's had a _______ life. I can't decide how to fill in that blank - astounding? remarkable? upsetting? interesting? fascinating? No adjective that I can think of really fits the bill.

At any rate, his books always remind me that laughter is the best medicine and that sometimes you need to laugh to keep from crying. He signed two books for me because I couldn't decide which one to give him, Running with Scissors or the new one, Possible Side Effects. We made some small talk, but I will admit I was a bit star-struck and couldn't quite get the words out. He was very personable though, and when I left he called out, "Keep on teaching!" It kinda made me smile and giggle a little. Heehee.

Sorry for the bad picture. I took three and, believe it or not, this is the best one. He wasn't constipated as far as I know, it's just the picture. The other two came out blurry. BTW, check out the wicked cool fringe on that suede jacket. I am so jealous and I have to have one just like it. The search begins!

To explain the title of this post, he's working on a new book called You Better Not Cry. It's a collection of short stories about his Christmas experiences.

In other news, I've started some new socks. I've been trying to decide what to do with all this purple Koigu for some time.

I started a few socks and pulled them out. I think this pair will stick. Just some plain old stockinette with a fun pale purple trim. I think because I like the variegation in the yarn so much, I was really feeling uncomfortable with a pattern stitch. This shows it off much better.

My pomatomus socks arrived at Jessimuhka's and not only does she love them, but they also fit her perfectly! I'm so glad. I can't wait to get my socks and see what my secret sock buddy has been working on.

Lastly, last night was quite a celebration! I had one to many margaritas to share this one with you then, so instead I'm going to wish you a happy Seis de Mayo. Enjoy!

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Emma said...

Wow, that's exciting you got to see Augusten Burroughs! It'a always so great to see your favorite authors in person. Calling his books "somewhat disturbing" is an understatement, I think:)

Anonymous said...

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