Insatiable an appetite

I've been holding out on you. While studying for the GREs, I decided I needed a little treat. You know, a little something just for me since I'd been working so hard all the time. I visited the Blue Moon website and decided to treat myself to a skein of Socks that Rock. Well, there are just so many to choose from. How does one possibly pick from all of those gorgeous colorways? So I figured it would be ok to order two or three. Or maybe just five. Everyone's gotta have socks, right? Check these babies out:

Class Roster (left to right): Puck's Mischief, Nodding Violet, Terra Firma, Chapman Springs, and Love-in-Idleness

Despite this splurge, I've been doing really well at keeping them well hidden from view so I won't be tempted to stray from my holiday gift knitting. It's been about two or three weeks and I haven't taken them out yet, but boy is it tempting! Just a few more things on my list to finish up, and then I'll dive right in. Can't wait!

In other news, some thoughtful person sent me a magazine subscription. Was it you?

So the only thing is, I'm not sure who it's from. I think if it was a friend or a family member, they probably would have asked for delivery to start after the holidays, but it could be. I keep forgetting to ask people when I see them. I'm also thinking it could be from a secret pal. So if it was you, please let me know so I can properly thank you. For know, just know I'm very excited to get a new magazine!

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The pens in my pocket, I must protect 'em

You'll have to forgive me while I go out and buy a pocket protector, because I think I just put the geek in computer geek.

Translation: I kicked some ETS ass this morning, and Harvard will be lucky to get me. Oh, did I not mention that the school, yes THE SCHOOL, as in THE ONLY SCHOOL, that I'm applying to is Harvard. Why this seemed like a smart idea I can't really even begin to explain, but it seems dreams just might come true.

It seems to be a perfect day. Not only did I ace the GREs, but when I went to my favorite deli for lunch, the owner gave me a free whoopie pie, just because that's the kind of guy he is. Then I got home only to find out there is a brand-spanking new Knitty just waiting to be poured over. Oh yeah, and that JDate guy that I haven't told you about yet, yeah, he sent me another e-mail.

Le sigh . . .

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Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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