Sugar, we're going down swinging

Remember this?

Yeah, it grew a few repeats, but then on Tuesday night we had a terrible fight. In my rage, I ripped back the whole thing. Well, I tried to just pull a few rounds and reknit them, but I still wasn't happy with it. Then I tried a second time. On the third try, I just gave up. I have since started over and am much happier with it. It pretty much looks the same as in the picture above, but a little longer. It seems that the "bane of my existence" stitch isn't really a k7tog, but a k7 into 5 stitch. It's really quite horrifying, but knit loosely enough on the row before, and it's not quite as painful. I'm much happier with the scarf now and hope to make some quick progress. Or at least as quick as lace knitting can be.

I'm heading out of town for mother's day, but when I come back I'll try to keep up on the regular posting. It's conference time, then report card time, then crunch to the end of the year time. It's always something, I know. Happy thought - 29 days of school left until summer vacation!

Previous title: Rocky Horror Picture Show, "Sweet Transvestite"


Anonymous said...

Hi - it's your Secret Pal. I like the "Guess that tune" part of your blog. I'm a Rocky Horror fan from way back, so recognized yesterday's immediately. No such luck with yesterdays.

Anonymous said...

Oops - just realized I used too many "yesterday's" in the previous message.

Anonymous said...

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