It won't rain all the time; the sky won't fall forever

I was feeling pretty bummed today when I saw yet another day of rain. That makes something like eight days straight. I'm getting really tired of the frizzy hair and the raincoat, not to mention dealing with 22 kids who haven't been outside in forever. On the way home from school, I decided I needed a little pick-me-up. Where better to go than the local Starbucks? A few minutes later, and I'm feeling much better.

Starbucks is always better with a little extra umpff.

So I was feeling a little happier, but still dismayed about another day of rain, given tomorrow's forecast. Then I checked the mail and now I am completely over my rainy day funk. I have the coolest secret pal ever!

Up close, that's:

A signed copy of "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and two skeins of yummy alpaca in a color called Blackberry Rose. Doesn't it just sound delicious? I can't wait to decide what these will become!

There's also this wicked cool lantern from Pier 1, along with extra tea lights for it. It looks great on my side table.

Finally, there was a really sweet note. She also sent me an e-card. I can't believe she's so together that she's already sent out the first package, and managed to time it to arrive exactly on the first day of the swap! Impressive! Random Knitter, you rock!

I wanted to tell you about the weekend wedding shower, mother's day, and airport delays, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow. I think I've held you hostage long enough with all my exciting SP8 news!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I could cheer up your day! I'm not as organized as you may think - I see my pen in the picture! I wondered where that went. I figured it fell into the mess in my car, which is where the box was packed up, and I didn't want to dig for it.

I hope tomorrow gets sunnier - this rain is terrible, and Boston got hit pretty hard.

Your Secret Pal