Hold on to the thread, the currents will shift

As I keep up my positive post-vacation attitude on just about everything, it occurs to me that life is what you make it. Okay, we all knew that already. But really, it's a rainy gray day and I've been so cheerful - it's eerie and weird and I like it.

Here's what's keeping the smile on my face today:

- The new Pearl Jam album just came out - How can anyone not love Eddie? Can you say sexy?

- I mailed my socks today - I had so much fun making them and I'm so excited for my pal to get them. I think I could be satisfied making socks for others and getting none in return . . . but that doesn't mean I won't accept my socks when they come. Hands off people!

- I'm knitting with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino - It's soooooo soft and scrumptious! Remember that baby blanket I showed off almost a month ago? It's finally time to work on the border. I'll post it again when the border's done. No sense showing an old picture.

- I got a comment on my blog - My very first one! Yay! Emma is the best!

- SP8 is getting ready start! - Tomorrow I'll post my questionnaire for my secret pal. But I'll have to think long and hard for some song lyrics that go with a questionnaire . . .

With all that excitement in life, who can help smiling?

Yesterday's title: Queen, "We Are the Champions"


Anonymous said...

I got my socks today and they're great! Perfect fit! Thank you so much! I'll be posting photos of them on my feet later today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.