Oh baby you're young but that's okay, what's give or take nine years anway?

It's fun to spend a night being hit on by younger guys!

Yesterday I got home from work and was completely exhausted. I really didn't think I was going to make it anywhere, but was convinced to go to dinner and a movie. After that my friend and I decided to stop by this house party for "just a drink." Three hours later, we were still there.

It was thrown by this couple I know but not well. They always have great parties, but the weirdest people show up. This time, in addition to the posse of 22 year old cute boys (okay, so it's not 9 years, but that's how the song goes!) who laughed at all my corny and sarcastic jokes, there were these two random guys from MIT. No joke, they looked like they stepped out of an 80s movie, a cross between Real Genius and Sixteen Candles. One was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a heavy wool blazer. The other had on a pair of brown cords and a turquoise plaid shirt tucked-in. I wish I had a picture, because even I can tell that description isn't doing it justice. Picture John Cusak and his dorky friends from 16 Candles. It was weird, but the look seemed to work for them.

What's possibly weirder is that they just met the day before and plaid guy invited blazer guy to the party - two people who have never met before with the exact same bizarre fashion sense? Will wonders never cease?

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