Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?

It seems like everyone I know is either married or engaged these days. I can think of nine friends and/or coworkers who have gotten engaged in the last few months, and that's without even really trying. There are probably a few I've forgotten. Needless to say, it seems like everyone around me is talking about weddings. I'm still being my cheerful post-vacation self, but all this wedding talk is starting to get to me. I'd like a second or third date at least!

Let's see, the men I've gone out with lately . . .
- There was the guy who gave me Hello Kitty gifts on our first date, which happened to be the first night of Hanukkah (I'm not in middle school!).
- Then there was the neighbor who kept stopping by and then later referring to said drop-ins as dates. We went out once and he swore it was the fourth date! Also, he suspiciously had very little furniture in his apartment.
- There was the guy with the hair slicked back with so much grease it looked like it might drip down the back of his shirt. Eew!
- Don't forget the one who insisted we go Dutch, then proceeded to order an extra desert to take home and eat the next day.
- There was also the guy who showed up for the first date in shorts and flip-flops, and it's not like we were going anywhere where this type of outfit would be expected. First rule of first dates: Dress to impress.

There are more, but it's getting depressing, so I'm going to stop now. One more rant: what's with the 4:00 on a Saturday date? I can understand not wanting to commit to dinner, dating can likely get expensive if you're usually the one paying, but really? Meet me for drinks, not for a strange "let's take a two hour walk and see if we want to continue getting to know each other" date.

OK. Now it's time to cheer up with a fun vacation picture. Here's me (in the middle) with my brother and his fiancee, Courtney.

And of course, one of my mom's cats. This is Zelda. I don't get to rubby her too much since she lives outside of Philadelphia, but we get in some good loving when I'm visiting the folks. She has a sister Daisy, who is equally adorable, but who I didn't get a photo of this time.

Granted, not the best picture, but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

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