Color the coast with your smile; it's the most genuine thing that I've ever seen

I will admit that I'm a little sad to be back from vacation, but I am so much more relaxed now, and so much more myself. I was definitely teetering on the edge of crazy there for a while. It's good to be back off of that cliff. We had awesome weather every day; if anything, there was a heat wave in Florida while we were there. The gray clouds encircling Boston make it hard to look outside, but nothing can shake my smile today. I'm sure it won't last forever, but I'll definitely enjoy it while I've got it.

I'm planning on telling more about the vacation in the days to come. Possibly even some sunshiney photos. Yes, sunshiney is a word. Mostly because I said so.

In knitting news, the first pomotamus sock is getting there. I finished the third repeat on the leg, but decided to pull it out because it made the sock a little long and my sock buddy wants socks on the shorter side. Now I'm getting close to the end of the heel and I'm pretty optimistic about finishing the pair soon. Can't wait!

PS - The spellchecker came up with "sunshiny." I guess I didn't really invent the word, just spelled it wrong.

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