That funky monkey . . .

I've finally gone and done it! I've been busily lurking around other's blogs and now I've finally committed to one myself. Don't be surprised if I'm a sporadic poster, at least at first. Leave me comments and you'll be sure to inspire me to keep on keeping on. For now, here are some pictures of what I'm working on - you know, in case your curious. 'Cause this is going to be a knitting blog and all, did I mention . . . So here's some knitting content for all y'all:

Here is the Dread Purple Sock. Forgive the capital letters. In my head it sort of sounded like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Not so much once I typed, but hey, it's already out there now. This sock has made me cry, or rather wince in pain. It made me a sad stash monkey given that it hurt my wrists and I had to take some knitting time off. Maybe going down to a size 1 wasn't the best idea after all . . . Might try again on size 2. At any rate it's the River Rapid sock from Sockbug. I just learned how to link, so I'm sorry if that doesn't work.

Of course, it could have been this baby blanket that caused the knitting injury. Think this blanket times two - can you believe a friend had the nerve to get pregnant with twins? It's ok, I love her anyway :) I forgot to photograph the first blanket, and this one's not quite done. It's still missing the border. More details then. Oh yeah, it's the entrelac shawl from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book.

On to projects that make me smile more. Here is the Trellis Scarf from Interweave Spring 06. Love it! Want to keep it! Must gift it, but might make another just for me. Get the picture on how much I love it?

Another Interweave project, Fall 05. It's the Rib and Cable socks. Love these too. They are all mine!

That's it for today. How'd I do for a first post? I'll try to be a little less cheese-ball next time around.