Someone's in the kitchen I know

But there was no strummin' on the old banjo.

Lookee - I cooked!

Okay, so most people wouldn't call making a salad "cooking," but I haven't done more than dial for take out in quite some time. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm also really good at buying pre-made stuff at Whole Foods. If you want to make a delicious apple walnut salad for yourself, here's what I did:

- one package of pre-washed and chopped lettuce (romaine)
- one package of crushed walnuts
- one package of dried apple slices
- one package of goat cheese

Directions: Mix all in a large bowl. Add raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Enjoy!

I know, it takes a lot of effort. It took me a whopping five minutes to make. I thought about adding chicken, but why push it?

A few other recent updates:

The Moody Blues socks were coming close to an end, but I had a few minor setbacks. You'll have to hold your breath if you're waiting for those.

For Midnight Purls, a fellow Jersey Girl, although I'm really from PA originally: I grew up in Yardley, PA but I went to Chapin for middle school and Princeton Day School for high school.

Oh! "Without a Trace" is on tv right now and tonight's episode has Brain/Brian from "My So-Called Life," aka Pink Shirt Guy from "Felicity" (can you tell I'm really a little too good at Pop Culture Trivia?). Sorry, I have to go watch now.

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