Very superstitious, the devil's on his way

Some 6/6/06 tidbits, if you haven't heard enough of them yet:

- Slayer is beginning their Unholy Alliance Tour - Do people really listen to Slayer still? Maybe the world is really in trouble if there are actually Slayer fans around.

- The odds of the world ending today are apparently 100,000-to-1 - Someone really thought about that one?

- The sum of all of the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666 - Gambling is clearly evil!

- Hell, Michigan is having quite the celebration today - Sounds like fun!

- Many expectant mothers are doing their best to avoid giving birth today - Can you blame them?

In a quick Google search, here is my favorite find:
Still scared about the date 666? Jack Horkheimer of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium has a piece of advice: "If it really spooks you, you can stand on your head and it'll be 999."

Enough of that, I'm already bored of it. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

I've been holding out on you a little. I've been knitting and not sharing for a few days now. Here's the grand reveal, although nothing's finished yet so don't get too excited.

Some River Rapids socks. Well, really one River Rapid and one little Pond Rapid, soon to become a River Rapid.

I've also been knitting away on the Eyelet Chemise from the current Interweave. I'm using GGH Scarlett, and I guess I'm about 2/7ths of the way through since I've used 2 out of 7 balls of yarn. Can you tell we're studying fractions this week in third grade?

And speaking of third grade, one of my sweetie-pies brought me flowers again! It's actually the third time now. How cute! I gave the vase back to her father this morning, and he returned it in the afternoon with a refill. They are beautiful!

Do you think I should tell her that I've already finished the report cards?

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Anonymous said...

Hi - looks like you're making lots of progress on your knitting! The eyelet chemise is prettier than I thought from looking at the pattern.

Looks like the world hasn't ended; so much for 06/06/06.

Your Secret Pal

Joanne M said...

Peonies and irises! Beautiful!

I want to see the eyelet chemise when you're done - looks like it'll be a cute project.

Anonymous said...

Grandma, what big feet you have.....