Don't wanna be just like you

Ever think you're being clever and at least somewhat original, only to find out someone else is doing it too? I was playing around on the web today and stumbled across this. What's funny is that I used to read this blog, but haven't in a really long time, like a year or more. I'm sure she didn't used to have song lyric titles, but maybe I'm wrong. I checked the archives just now, and it doesn't look like it's every day, just often. Oh well, so much for creativity.

This kind of reminds me of that movie "Garden State," when Natalie Portman talks about feeling the need to do something totally original and unique, then she makes this weird noise and moves all funny, just because noone else has ever done exactly that at exactly that place before. Interesting, but a little off. The movie was on this weekend, but it's also a favorite.

In other news, . . .
- I may have a date this week! Details to follow as they unfold.
- I signed up for a new knit-along; check the sidebar. It sounds like fun!
- This coming weekend is a summer holiday weekend, which means another wedding event! I don't think I've mentioned it, but every summer holiday weekend with the exception of Memorial Day is occupied by some wedding event. This one is a wedding shower for a childhood friend.
- Last weekend, though not a holiday weekend, was also occupied by a wedding event. A bachelorette party! Definately more fun than a wedding shower.
- I should have an FO to show off tomorrow - whaddaya think? Socks or eyelet chemise?

That's all for now. Sorry about the list; I'm just not feeling particularly prosaic today. Yes, I did have to look up "prosaic." Best I can tell, it's the word I want, meaning "consisting or characteristic of prose."

Until tomorrow!

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Elizabeth said...

I'll cross my Secret Pal fingers in hopes that your date is fun. I haven't found any chocolate lately that is worth sending - the search is on.