I hate myself for loving you

No folks, it's not your imagination. The socks are getting shorter! I promise I'm not knitting backward, and it's no bizarre new way to work the pattern, it just is what it is. Here's the full story:

There once was a beautiful princess.

You knew I'd make myself a beautiful princess one day, right?

She was getting a little bored in the land of the Eyelet Chemise, seeing as how she didn't really understand the language and all.

What's a chemise anyway?

So she decided to venture back into Sock Land for a short vacation. At first, things were just fine. Peachy, even. Things were going along swimmingly.

Pun intended. Check out those River Rapids (new picture on the last entry).

She managed to knit a whole river of socks, and a rapid one at that, without even getting her feet wet. After that, there was no stopping the beautiful princess. She continued on to the tropical jungles, otherwise known as the Jungle of Tropicana. She felt quite comfortable around the animals, the monkeys in particular.

Heehee. Get it? Stash Monkey?

And then the unthinkable happened! The jungle was overwhelmingly large! It just seemed way too big for her. It seems the Wicked Witch-frog has resized the jungle socks overnight. So the princess did what she must, and frogged the whole sock. Undaunted, she cast on with smaller needles. Sadly, she forgot that it was only the jungle that needed reknitting, not the ribbed pathway leading up to it.

Ribbit! Ribbit!

The sock was frogged again. This time, the princess recreated the ribbed path on size 2 needles, then took out her smaller needles as she returned to the jungle. The pointy sticks went round and round, fighting off the evil Witch-frog. While the princess thought she was defeating all enemies, she found that suddenly, before her very eyes, there appeared pools of color.

This is no rain forest! The socks were frogged a third time. Let's hear it,

Ribbit! Ribbit!

And so the trials of the princess and her jungle socks continued. They were ripped yet again after an attempt was made to alternate skeins. This one was a bloody battle.

Not literally, but the princess was seeing RED at this point.

The jungle was slowly and steadily returned to its natural state. Back to the original attempt, despite knowledge of the curse of the oversized Jungle of Tropicana.

Moral of the story: Hey, bigger socks are better than none at all!

I just have to have some Tropicana socks, so what if they're a little roomy? I give up already!

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