Man it's a hot one; like seven inches from the midday sun

Maybe it's time to get a fan . . .

If I haven't already told you, I teach twenty-two nine year-olds. On the third floor. On the sunny side of the building. With no air conditioning. It was 89 degrees today. It must have been 99 degrees in my classroom.

I've been home for an hour now, soaking in the AC and sucking up a mocha frappucino, and I swear I'm still sweating. And yes that was me just telling you the other day about how great summer is in Boston and how much I love it when the sun comes out. Stop laughing. Stop! It's not funny.

I love the summer and I love the sunshine, but it's really hot up there on the third floor on the sunny side with no air conditioning and way too many kids. I'll survive, but I reserve the right to complain. And don't think I won't complain tomorrow when it's cold and rainy and more like 65 degrees.

No knitting pictures today; it's just too hot!

Yesterday's title: Damien Rice, "The Blower's Daughter"


Anonymous said...

Try carrying twins through this heat!!!! Not that I am complaining...