The show is over close the storybook

School's out for summer! Today was the last day - hooray! I still have to go back tomorrow for some cleaning up and a faculty meeting, but that's ok, it'll still be pretty relaxed and low-key. I really enjoyed my class this year. I got a little choked up a few times today. I know they will visit all the time, but it's hard to let them go. It's funny how the kids that were the most challenging are often the ones you really want to hold on to at the end of the year. Or maybe it's because the one I'm thinking of has a knitting mommy . . .

I got some terrific prezzies, but I'm just going to share the knitting ones for now. Maybe some other day I could be persuaded to tell about the others too.

That mom I was talking about wrote me the nicest note and then handed me two packages. Then she said, "You have to open them right now." A woman after my own heart.

As she put it, "We knitters have to stick together." Sounds like a plan to me, especially if it leads to goodies like these. I've been wanting this book for a while. I can't wait to read through it! The washcloth is really cute too!

After school and a fun lunch out with the teachers, it was off to the yarn store of course! No better way to celebrate the ending of school! Dani from Knitting Sunshine was holding some yarny yumminess for me.

Here we have "Girls Night Out" on the left and "Dragonfly" on the right. What patterns to choose . . . Suggestions are welcome!

Oh, and for Midnight Purls, I have looked at the Elfine pattern. They are really cute socks! I tried them once, but it was right after the baby blankets were finished, and they really bothered my wrist, so I frogged them. I'm thinking maybe I'll try again with "Girls Night Out."

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Jofrog said...

Happy Summer! Nice choice in Sunshine Yarns! I really wanted a skein of "Dragonfly". Even with an in you have to be quick! I'll miss seeing you at A Good Yarn.

Joanne M said...

Happy Summer indeed! Yay! Summer! (And to have a student with a knitter mom - what a bonus... ) Thanks for your positive thoughts re: my dad - I'm just trying not to worry until there is something concrete to worry about. In the meantime, concentrating on the move in the hot and/or rainy weather tomorrow.