The lucky one's going to get it all

I'm glad you all liked the baby bear sweater as much as I do! Baby Griffin will definately be getting one of those. In addition, I've been frogging some old items and have consequently added to my stash. I have about 6 skeins of this yummy Sirdar Snuggly Domino.

It's clearly designated for Baby G, but what will it become? I have this pattern for it, but I'm not sure how I'll like it in this colorway. Still thinking on that one . . .

There's also some pink cotton yarn that I think is Classic Elite Premiere and some light blue cotton (maybe Tahki Cotton Classic?) for when the baby is actually born. Although both may become sweaters for my friends' twins.

Talk about planning ahead on projects! Sheesh! I better speed up on my current projects. The Dollar and a Half cardi is about 70¢ along, and my bandwagon scarf (can you guess which one?) is about halfway there. Pics of both coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

My guess - Irish Hiking? What have I got to lose. :) And I love the proposed Sirdar pattern... it's adorable! If you can get gauge, I also love all of Debbie Bliss' patterns, though I never use her yarn. What kind of freak makes baby pattern designs in cashmere?? :) Thanks for the comment, by the way. So glad I'm not alone. Seriously.