Hold your head high, don't look down

I finished these bad boys a while ago, but haven't gotten around to posting them - shocker, I know! At any rate, may I present the "Don't Look Down" socks.

Pattern: Giotto by Amelia Raitte
Needles: US 1
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in Baltic Sea colorway
Pattern Notes: There was a time while knitting these socks that I would have sworn they were going to be my favorites. The yarn color is beautiful and the pattern is stunning, but apparently I have no made a huge mistake - AGAIN! I guess I forgot to check the dye lot on these guys, because they're so different they almost look like two different colorways. I can't believe I did this once, let alone twice!

In efforts to avoid this problem in the near future, I've more recently been working with Socks that Rock from the stash since it's all from the same skein. I'll still wear my Giotto socks, but I'm disappointed that they don't really match. Maybe I'll have an actual MATCHING pair of socks to show off later this week.

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Jofrog said...

Bummer that they don't match! I love that colorway though (both versions). I just wound some yesterday to start a new pair of socks! Keep an eye out for them on my blog.

Hope to see you around Boston soon.