Instant karma's gonna get you

Warning: VERY photo heavy, but still lots of fun, so please wait while it loads.

After being patient for so long on a few swaps that have been going on, it seems it's finally my turn. First my KSKS bag arrives, and now Henry the Navigator has made his appearance.

Henry brought some terrific goodies from Rhonda. Take a peek!

From left to right, that's a cute sock notepad, A Good Yarn (which I have not read yet), "The Famous Salem Frog Spell" (details coming soon), a sock change purse that came with a piece of Dalmation Jasper, a needle/gauge checker thingy, and some tasty treats.

Oh yeah, and there was yarn. That's some Meilenweit Cotton in a fun orangy blue/brown/cream color - it's direct from Holland! And there's also some VIva CIta, just for fun! What's kinda funny is that I just picked up some of this sock yarn in a different colorway - great minds, you know?

But wait! Wasn't there something sticking out of that book? Oh yeah, check it out! A cutie-pie little sock bookmark guy! Wicked cute!

Thanks Rhonda!

I thought about taking Henry on a tour of Boston, but it turns out he's been here before. So, rather than tour the city AGAIN, I figured we'd just relax a little. Henry seemed quite pleased with this idea after his long journey all the way from Salem. To be fair, he has been all over, from Louisianna to Minnesota to Washington state to the UK, and many stops in between.

We sat out on the balcony (despite the slight chill in the air) and shared a bottle of red. We had some lovely chats about politics, given that today is election day after all.

It seems Henry may have had too much to drink.

Eventually, Henry decided he'd had enough, and laid down for a rest on the couch. It turns out that the Noro entrelac bag I've been working on as part of Norovember is the perfect sleeping bag for my new friend.

A good night was had by all. Henry will resume his journey tomorrow. Will he be sending his good karma to you?

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I'm sure happy you liked everything. Rachel. Oh, I'm so happy the colorway is different from what you just bought ... Maybe you noticed that I was keeping your colors in Fall/Halloween colors (the book jacket also). Anytime you what to get together to knit, let me know ... like if you come up to Salem!

BTW, there's a sock pattern in the book. I have yet to try it out, but I have it on my agenda. Happy knitting!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

p.s. And from the looks of it, Henry had an even better time at your house than mine ... since you plied him with WINE! LOL

Love his sleeping bag!!

amanda said...

always good to offer your foreign guests wine with a view of the city! great box of goodies!