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Lookee lookee! An FO!

Pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Needles: US 8
Yarn: Diaketo Diamusee in color 39
Pattern Notes: Easy as pie! Where does that expression come from anyway? I don't think baking a pie is particularly easy . . . At any rate, this pattern is clear and easy to follow. I think maybe I've made one before. Oh no, just remembered I frogged it because I didn't like the yarn combination with the pattern. That yarn is now a lovely booga bag. Hey, at least I reused it.

This scarf was supposed to be my very first holiday gift knitting, but forget that, I'm keeping it. It was moderately chilly here in Boston on Sunday night, so on my way to my first Knitsmiths visit (fun fun!), I decided that I needed to wear the scarf. Now I can't part with it!

I've been holding out on you with another FO, but it's for Elizabeth as a thank you for being my secret pal in round 8. She, and the rest of you, will just have to hold your breath waiting with anticipation to see it. No, actually please don't. I'd rather not be responsible for that mishap.

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Andrea said...

I'm loving that yarn with the pattern. Very nice.

Elizabeth said...

The scarf looks great! I can see why you kept it for yourself - besides, there's lots of time left for holiday gift knitting.

Isn't there?

Emma said...

Very nice. Don't blame you for keeping it!

Sara Kirby said...

The scarf looks awesome! And I agree baking a pie is not easy!

Good call on keeping the scarf!

Rae said...

Baking a pie may not being easy....but eating it is! I love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful scarf and it looks so soft! Too bad it's too warm where I am to wear anything like that.

Secret Pal

Elizabeth said...

My gift came in the mail today! First, the mailer itself is festive - no brown paper here. The contents are fabulous, a blue felted cabled clutch, or dpn case, or sock case. Probably a clutch, because it's so pretty.