Tell me, who are you? 'Cause I really wanna know

It's fun getting to know new secret pals. I just got my match-up today from Heatherly , who I had the honor of spoiling last round. I can't wait to get started on a new pal! Her blog already has me cracking up, so this should be a blast! I've also already heard from my spoiler, who seems to be a monkey fan too. Should be a great round!

Heatherly has a little contest going to get to know pals. Just answer these five questions , and you're entered. So, here goes!

1. Where is your favorite knitting spot?
My couch, right in front of the tv. I'd take a picture if my apartment wasn't such a wreck right now. There is cleaning scheduled in for this weekend, so maybe I'll add a picture a little later.

2. If you suddenly could never knit again (shudder) - what would you do instead?
The horrors! I don't think I could cope! I guess I would maybe take up spinning, or just fondle yarn and try not to get any drool on it.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go and why?
Paris. It's by far my favorite city. Culture, fashion, art, food, wine, and on and on . . . I've been twice, but the first time I was eight, so that doesn't really count. The second time I was only there for one day, and it rained AND the metro was on strike, so I didn't get to do much. That was almost better though, because nothing beats a leisurely day strolling the streets of Paris.

4. When you were little - What did you want to do "when you grew up?" Are you doing it?
I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I think I ended up teaching by default. I just couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to do after college, so grad school was the logical choice. Having said that, I do come from a long line of teachers (mom, grandmom, grandfather, great aunt, and those are just the ones I know about) and I did used to make all of my friends play school when they came over. Can you imagine that? Playing school on the weekend?!? Of course, I always got to be the teacher! I'm still not really sure what I want to do when I "grow up." Lately I've been thinking about a career change, but I haven't settled on anything yet.

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
J.P. Lick's has the most amazing coffee oreo ice cream I've ever tasted! If you've never had it and you're in the Boston area, I command you to go and give it a try. Really, it is the best.

Previous title: Ren and Stimpy, "Happy Happy Joy Joy"


Heather said...

i think my group for this round should be called the monkees... i have 5 monkey bloggers!
maybe i will have everyone make mike nesmith hats!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize monkeys liked yarn (and sweets) so much. Who knew?

Monkey powers activate!