Who am I, that I should be vying for your touch?

Boys suck.

Don't you think that if you're into someone, you let them know? I'm not saying shouting out how you feel for all the world to hear, and I'm not even saying love because I'm far from there still, but you show them by being interested, by making plans, by remembering the little things that are going on in that person's life?

I'm trying not to be pissed. It's probably just a silly mistake that will blow over by the weekend, but I can't hold back either. The Boy and I made plans to go to a baseball game Saturday night. The first conversation (about two weeks ago) regarding said game went a little like this:

Boy: I haven't been to Fenway in a long time.

Me: Oh! I have tickets for two weekends from now. We should go!

Boy: Sounds like fun. Let's go!

And then the last time we went out, about one week ago, we had this conversation:

Me: So, are we still on for that game next weekend? It's next Saturday night, the ninth, and it's a night game. I think it starts around 7. (Knowing he can get flaky and not wanting to get ditched.)

Boy: Yeah, of course. Didn't we already decide we were going to go to that?

Me: OK, just checking.

And then last night on the phone there was this conversation:

Boy: So how was your weekend?

Me: Great. My brother's wedding went really well (wondering if he remembered that's where I was).

Boy: Glad to hear that. (Discusses other details about wedding with me.) I talked to my brother yesterday and he's decided to come visit for the weekend. I can't wait for him to come! He hasn't been to Boston in a really long time, like years.

Me: Oh. That sounds like fun.

Boy: Yeah, it should be a blast.

Me: I guess we're not going to the game then.

Boy: That was this coming weekend! Oh I feel so bad! I didn't even realize! Are you mad? Can you find someone else to go with you?

Me: (puzzling over what the right answer is) Well, I guess I have to.

And the conversation went on from there, with a noticable chill coming from my end. The thing is, this is not the first time he's been flaky like this, and we've only been on four (or five?) dates now. I'm just thinking, if you're into someone, would you really go forgetting that you had plans like that? I don't want to be the bitch, at least not just yet, but I am upset that it would just slip his mind like that when I've been thinking about it all week. So I tried to play nice and not be too upset on the phone, but now I can't deal. He knows I'm pissed and he feels badly, but come on. We're supposed to go out on Sunday night instead now. I think I'll just let him call and if he forgets or doesn't call for whatever reason, then it's time to move on. I'm done putting in the effort to make fun plans and then have him screw it up.

Maybe today's title should have been "Who are YOU, that I should be vying for your touch," but she didn't write the song that way. Also, while it feels good to say it that way, I'm not sure I'm quite feeling that confident yet.

Wedding pictures and details might be in the next post. I can't deal with looking at happy married couples just now.

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Emma said...

Ooh, I love Ani!

As for The Boy, don't sweat it. They are so not like us. I thought his response was actually pretty good, and it seemed like a sincere slipping of the mind, and not anything intentional. Really, they're just like that, even after years and years together.

Elizabeth said...

I think it's something in the XY chromosome. If he seems sincere in being disappointed, and doesn't see his brother that much, try to let it go. The fact that he senses that you're unhappy, and he knows why, is good.

Of course, going to the game and having a really good time is a good idea, too, sort of the "here's what you're missing" concept - catching a ball that goes into the stands, or getting on the jumbo screen thingy would help too.

Joanne M said...

Boys suck.

Good luck with this one and have a fabulous time at the game Saturday night.

Midnight Purls said...

I do hope that it turns out the Boy just let the baseball game slip from his mind and that's he's indeed interested. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed he gives you a call about Sunday.

It's so hard to read them sometimes isn't it? Good luck!

Sarah said...

Here's what I think: boys drool, knitting rules! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Boys are clueless. That's what I"ve learned in life.

Anyway, your e-mail bounced back (my bad, I'm sure!), but I wanted to let you know that your angel is working diligently on your kit...should be ready soon!