This indecision's bugging me

It has occurred to me that if I worked on one project at a time, things would get done a lot faster. However, in true stashmonkey fashion, I can't possibly make that kind of commitment. In my defense, I have limited it to two projects rather than the overwhelming list of 14 over there in the UFO list. Go ahead, count. You know you want to. Take your time, I'll wait . . .

So here are the two I've chosen to devote my time to this week. First, there's the Debbie Bliss Cabled Coat with Hood from the Baby Cashmerino book.

As you can see, this little number has gotten the majority of my attention these days. I've finished the back twice now. Yes, twice. Shut up. And both front pieces are done too. Maybe it'll just be a vest, then I can do some finishing and call it done. Not really, but the cables that were once intriguing are now more annoying than anything else. On the plus side, I should have lots of leftover yarn to return since I decided to chop a good four and a half inches off the length. You can see the original version here. Wicked cute, no? But the thing is, while that baby looks adorable, can you really see a kid in a cardigan that long? Me neither.

I've also realized I better get a move on on the IK Eyelet Chemise. Fall is coming fast and I'd like to actually be able to wear this baby. Also, I've got lots of leftovers on this one too and I can only make a return if it's before the end of the month. I think it's pretty safe to say that those two balls you see hanging out above the sweater are going back. In case you can't tell, that's one finished giant main piece (front and back knit together), one finished sleeve (all curled up on the left), and one just-started sleeve.

Next question: What should I get at the yarn store with all of my store credits? Apparently I've been smoking crack while deciding how much yarn to buy. I'll try to kick the habit before I go back.

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Joanne M said...

When you think of it, really, you can boil down your UFO count a little. "Socks" in progress are "socks in progress"... they all count as *one* UFO. :-)