What's a matter babe, are you feelin' sick?

Ick. I've been pretending not to be sick since about Friday, but it finally caught up with me on Monday afternoon. I've been out sick for two days now and, let me tell you, daytime tv is highly overrated. On the plus side, this sore throat/general ickiness has allowed me some knitting time.

Well, Johanna asked for it, so you can blame her when you are suddenly overwhelmed by the number of active projects I've got going right now.

Here you see a few items resued from the UFO list. At the top, we have the Union Square Market Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall 2005. And that's about when I started it and almost finished it. It popped out of the drawer a few weeks ago to FINALLY get sewn up, when I realized that one of the sleeves had a problem, so now I'm reknitting the shoulder part of the left sleeve. One day it will be done. Oh yes, it will be done. (Channeling Mike Myers there - quick, what movie was that from?)

The pretty purple number seen above is the Frieda sweater, which I don't think ever literally made it onto the UFO list, but which has spent a few months in the drawer of knitting death. I did the body and neck, then got scared to mess up the sleeves. The original pattern continues with the cable along the sleeves, but it makes for poofy shoulders, and I'm just not into that. Plain jane stockinette for this knitter! I have finally started the first sleeve. It's about half way done at this point. Hopefully it will be a success, because I'm not sure this sweater will survive another trip to the drawer of death.

Finally, you may have spotted a pair of Jaywalkers in the pile up there. These are Lorna's Laces in Denim. I love them, but I think I just got tired of the pattern. Now, a year (or maybe 2) later and my gauge is totally different so the striping looks different. I've ripped and reknit the beginning of the second sock three times in the past month. Now that I've finally gotten as close as I'm going to get on matching the gauge of the first sock, I'm no longer interested. Probably because it requires DPNs and I've long outgrown that phase of my sock-knitting career. Eventually I'll finish them, but the race is on as to which of the three knitted items in the photo above will be finished first. It's anybody's guess at this point. Care to make a wager on it?

What's that? Three WIPs not quite enough for you? Here's one more:

I've started Crumpets for my "niece." Well, she's not really my niece, but I'm her Auntie Rachel, so she gets to be called by niece, at least for now. I love the look of it, but a baby dress on size 1 needles is no picnic and I can't work that long on it before my wrists protest. I've changed up the pattern a bit, which is causing the problem. I love the look of the dress, but I hate that it calls for a thick yarn. It's just not right for a summer dress for a baby. So I've substituted Dalegarn's Stork for Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I'm following the pattern for the biggest size in order to actually get a size for a 6 month old. It's really an adorable dress!

And yes, there is actually a fifth item on my needles. I couldn't help it and I knit the toe of my first Rockin' Sock Club sock, but now I need new needles for the rest. It calls for size 0s for the foot part, and given the way I manhandled my needles to do the toe on size 1s, I just don't think I want to subject my wooden size 0s to that kind of abuse. They would never survive that beating. No pics of this one since it's just not far enough along for a photoshoot.

I'm also a part of Sock Madness (details coming soon). The first round of this March Madness knit-athon starts this weekend, so I guess that'll make a sixth item on my needles. Of course, I'm away for a wedding this weekend, so I'll be starting about 48 hours behind the other knitters. Wish me luck in surviving this one!

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Joanne M said...

Hmmm, So I Married An Axe Murderer?

Mranthe said...

I'll be starting on time for the Madness, but I've a buncha things that will interrupt the first pair along the way, so it's nice to know I won't be the only one in the "behinder-ers" club... Hope you're feeling better...

Elinor said...

Oh, that dress is adorable!!! I hope you finish it. I might download that pattern for Beatrix. Because I just bought $86509865486509468504 worth of sock yarn. Ugh. I'm going to do the Sock Madness KAL too.

You'll finish those UFOs. It's just not sweater season now - tell yourself that. You have 9 mos to get those babies done.