I see your true colors shining through

If you see a bandwagon speed by, look closely and you'll see me on it. Here are my Anemoi Mittens, which are a part of my efforts for Project Spectrum February/March.

Gotta love the blue and brown combo! I have a few complaints about the yarns, but that's my own fault I guess. Mainly I'm annoyed because they aren't the same gauge exactly and the blue is a little thinner. While the blue is supposed to be background, the brown really jumps out and the pattern's a bit obscured as a result. I knew I shouldn't have believed that yarn store owner (store not to be mentioned here) who told me it wouldn't matter.

Ah, well, as my first foray into fair isle (not including a poorly chosen project a few years ago that remains unfinished), I'm still really happy with these. This picture was taken yesterday afternoon. After a few more hours of work, I now have one almost completed mitten and I'm still going strong. Bonus: These mittens are also my effort for Fair Isle February. I'm loving reading the posts over there and seeing what everyone is up to!

In addition to these mittens, I've got another blue project. Check out these guys:

Pattern: Toe Up Generic Socks from Knitty
Needles: US 2
Yarn: Socks that Rock in Chapman Springs, medium-weight (STASH YARN ALERT!)
Pattern Notes: Don't think I have any. I do plan on using this again to create some more exciting socks, but for this yarn, plain-old-stockinette was just right.

Upcoming Project Spectrum ideas include a pair of socks in Colinette's Jitterbug yarn in a funky charcoal and a pair of black mittens in the softest angora wool I've ever felt. Ever. Maybe I'll also finish up some old Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Jeans colorway.

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Emma said...

ooh, those mittens are really fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Dude, those mittens are fantastic! My foray into fair isle has been, as yet, unsuccessful, but I'm thinking now I need to pick up a pair of those! What yarns are you using that they're the wrong gauge? I'd love to know what to avoid...

Oh, and thanks again. I've been wearing the BL scarf non-stop, and it's definitely keeping me warm in the sub-zero. You rock.

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I can't really tell from the photo that the pattern's obscured; maybe you just need to look at it from farther away?

Jofrog said...

You MUST dish on the store... come on, we NEED to know! Great job on the mittens. I hope you are enjoying them.

Sheila said...

Even though the size varies between the two yarns, the color contrast is good. The pattern is showing through great. And you "killed" two KALs with one project!