Squid and Ink

Sweater, what sweater?

Maybe I can distract you with some yummy socks! Sorry for the crappy picture. I had to go to the post office today and by the time I got back the sun was gone. But, if you look closely you can see a tiny part of Wicked on the left edge of the photo. FYI the body is done, now it's just the sleeves to go.

Pattern: Squid by MamaBlue
Needles: US 1 1/2
Yarn: Mama Blue Troika Sock in Ink
Pattern Notes: Great pattern! Easy to follow, but not mind-numbingly boring. I had only just discovered Mama Blue when the original Squid and Ink kits came out, so I missed out on them. Luckily, I was able to snag the highly-sought-after Ink in Troika Sock recently, so I gave it a go. It's kind of a bonus that I missed out on the original, because the kit included the simple merino yarn and I'm an MCN girl myself.

There was a time when I swore off of buying sock patterns. Mostly because there are so many that are free and I also have a crapton of knitting books, many of which have some quality sock patterns in them. However, I couldn't resist this one, and I think these are calling to me for my next pair. In fact, I may have already gone ahead on bought it. Ravelry is too good of an enabler. Grr. But it is almost my birthday, so it's ok, right?


Renee said...

It's definitely ok if it's a birthday indulgence!!
Have a happy early birthday pattern spree. :)
Your socks are lovely!