Even if things get heavy we'll all float on

I got tagged by Helena for seven things about me, but I've actually already done that one. No worries, I've decided to change it to 7 Exciting Things That Make Me Smile. As things continue to go well over here at Ch├ęz Griffin, I don't think this will be all that hard. Let's see:

1. Yesterday I got my invite to Ravelry , and I just can't stop playing around with it. I think I'm going to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the computer time I'm logging these days. I hope I don't have to take a knitting break due to sore wrists. Today I realized I have a message box over there and inside it was a hello from Eleanor ! She's now my first Ravelry friend - yay!

2. There are less than 20 days of school left. While I'll miss my school, I'm so happy to be moving on. These last few weeks will be really tough, knowing the excitement of what's coming next!

3. I have had some yucky dentist issues of late, and after three Wednesdays in a row of getting all novacained-up and having work done, I am now dentist free for the next six months! Yay!

4. I'm still in the midst of packing up my entire apartment. So far I have 13 full boxes, 2 extra thick trash bags, and 1 very large suitcase all set to go. In addition, I have 4 1/2 bags of clothing/shoes to donate to charity, 2 bags of books that are ready to move on (used bookstores and library donations), 1 bag of books to go back to school, and approximately 6 bags of apartment trash. It's coming along, but there's a lot left to do. The thing that makes me smile about it is the fact that I finally have a good reason to get rid of stuff. I've been in this apartment for 3 years now, and that's a new record for me. I've accumulated quite a bit of crap in that time, and it's time to say goodbye to a lot of it.

5. Hehe, Socks that Rock yarn is abundant in my stash. After starting in on cataloguing my stash for Ravelry, I've realized that I have nine unused skeins of the stuff. Yum! Much of that is due to the recent acquisition seen below:

Then of course there is the April sock club yarn:

6. I'm going to Harvard!

7. I'm going to Harvard!

Ok, I cheated at the end there, but that was a lot of things, don't you think? I think I did pretty good. Plus, Harvard counts for AT LEAST two, if not three or four, on a list of things that make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh honey, Harvard can count for them all, if you want. I'm so jealous - I mean, screw school. You get to be in Cambridge!! :) Your STR stash makes me want to drool, by the way. Can't wait to see you on Ravelry!

Sarah said...

Oooh, pretty STR! I think I have three or four skeins left in my stash right now. I kept myself from breaking into them by forcing myself to finis the club shipments first.

Midnight Purls said...

Yay! You're on ravelry. I love that site. It's addictive to browse patterns and yarns, see what other people made or what yarn they used. I spend more time on that site than any other when I'm trying to kill time at work.

Yum. STR. that stuff sure is drool worthy. And addiction forming if you ask me!

Octopus Knits said...

Hi! I hope you're enjoying Harvard : )
Thanks for your comment on my blog!